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About the site

The Site is a platform through which certain merchants ("Merchants") sell vouchers for goods, services or experiences ("Vouchers"), sell travel goods and services ("Getaways"), sell gift cards ("Merchant Gift Cards"), sell goods and services directly to you ("Merchant Products"), make available coupons, promotional codes, giveaways, samples, and offers for software downloads ("Coupons"), and sell dining experiences for specific dates and times ("Reservations") (collectively, "Merchant Offerings"). Merchants are the sellers and issuers of the Merchant Offerings and are solely responsible to you for the care, quality, and delivery of the goods and services provided. In addition, the Site also provides a platform through which individuals can sell ("Merchants") products, goods and services through the social network and receive commissions set by the ("Merchants") when a sale is made through the individual's efforts. Certain Merchant Offerings, Products, other available programs and pricing on the Site may change at any time in CoFARE's sole discretion, without notice.

Ownership of the site

The Site, any content on the Site and the infrastructure used to provide the Site are proprietary to us, our affiliates, Merchants and other content providers. By using the Site and accepting these Terms of Use: