If it can be sold it can be cofared!

Feautre 1

cofare does not require contracts and does not cost you a thing. No hidden fees!

Feature 2

cofare collects all your buyer data automatically to keep your patron data list growing for your marketing purposes.

Feature 3

cofare is simple. Effortless event set up and cash out.

Feature 4

cofare allows you to incentivize your customers, staff, students, and organizations to sell more tickets. This is an exclusive feature that separates cofare from other ticketing platforms.

Feature 5

cofare allows you the option to set a commission for every ticket. Customers, students, parents, staff, and school clubs can all create seller accounts and easily share personal event ticket links on all social media platforms or via email and text.

Feature 6

cofare allows simple sharing on all social media outlets, text, and email. Always see who is selling!