CoFARECash Mission

Our mission is to be a force in the world's new "gig economy" by seamlessly connecting retailors and individuals to partner in promoting and selling merchandise, goods, and servicers through the CoFARECash Operating System.

The CoFARECash Advantage

The CoFARECash Operating System will allow all businesses to sell their merchandise, goods, and services on the CoFARECash Platform. What makes CoFARECash unique is it allows businesses to incentive individuals (also known as the "CoFARECashr") to sell its, merchandise, goods and services through their social networks and earn real time commissions set by the business of the merchandise, goods, and services that were sold as a result of the CoFARECashr's efforts to promote a sale.

A Great Company is only as Good as its People who work for it

The greatest marketing company in the world is bound by the limitations of its number of employees, their talents and creativity, and the time they have to commit to the company's mission. CoFARECash allows Companies to gain access to limitless number of people, their talents and creativity, to market and directly sell their merchandise, goods, and services.

Create Your Own Business Selling Any Merchandise, Products, and Services On CoFARECash

Got a computer or smart phone? Got some extra time? Want to Make Money for your Talent and Effort? CoFARECash makes it Easy for you to create your own online store and money making machine!

Work When You Want

Do you like to work late at night, or are you an early riser? Maybe you like to sleep-in on the weekends, but are looking for something to do in the afternoons to earn a little extra money. Maybe you want to begin a whole new career and create your online store, but don't have the money to start from scratch. As an independent contractor with CoFARECash, you work when you want, as long as you want, and make as much as your talent, effort and ability will carry you! You set the rules! You set the schedule! You set your goals! Is Your Business Looking For New Efficient Ways To Sell Your Merchandise, Goods, and Services? Are you still waiting for the ROI on that digital ad you placed? Have you been able to track how many sales came from that last Ad Campaign? Still trying to figure out how to turn all those "Likes" into Revenue? Trying to move last minute inventory without having to discount the value by up to 90%? How would you like to move last minute inventory without having to discount at all! Place your merchandise, goods, and services on CoFARECash, set your own commission for the sale of your merchandise, products and services and allow individuals to sell your products and only receive your set commission when a purchase is made! It is that simple! You can maximize profits by dynamically increasing or decreasing the amount of the commission you are offering as sales and inventory supplies warrant. You can actually see in real time on your Company's CoFARECash Dashboard a return on your investment! Here is the best part, it costs you nothing to create your company's own CoFARECash page, and make your merchandise, goods, and services available for sale! No worries about being able to afford new sales staff, no payroll to outlay and process, no training new sales people. Just place your merchandise, goods, and services on CoFARECash and watch your sales happen in real time on your Company's CoFARECash Dashboard!

Our Leaders